The Simple Plug-N-Play Model To Treating High-Value Patients

The staff-driven system to treat health’s complex problems while lowering your overhead, simplifying your processes and delivering patient results.

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Creating Results for the Patient & The Practitioner

Do you wish that you could give answers to your patients, while earning more money, and having more time? Do you wish that you could charge higher prices and handle challenging cases while spending less time at the clinic?


How To Resolve Metabolic Syndrome Without Forcing Unsustainable Diets

This Methodology Allows You To Get The Results For Your Patients WITHOUT Having To Worry About Compliance.

  • Why diabetes ISN'T just a nutritional disorder, and the 1 MAJOR LEVER most docs miss to get results.
  • Why treating the heart as a "pump" hasn't caused a drop in cardiovascular mortality.
  • Why Functional Medicine's claim to "just fix the gut" is the main reason results are inconsistent - and the 3 factors that get ignored.
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Our Simple Quantum Biology Method To Prevent & Reverse Neurodegenerative Disorders Without Being A Neurologist

How We Can Be Ready Our Current Technological Environment Is Going To Cause An EXPLOSION Of Neurodegenerative Disease In Our Youth.

  • What are the 3 most important markers to protect your brain and nervous system
  • The "Apex Marker" that is the determining factor in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and how address it
  • How to create consistent results for your Fibro, MS, Alzheimers, Parkinson's patients (and more!)
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How To Resolve Biotoxic Illness By Addressing The 1 Single Factor That Most Patients Are Deficient In

And Why Vitamins or Supplements Are NOT The Answer

  • Why general "health recommendations" DON'T change the inflammation and hormonal cascade.
  • How to help people who struggle with obesity or excess weight by removing biotoxic blockages.
  • How we combine Terrain Theory and circadian biology to supercharge the body's regenerative potential.
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How Our Docs Reverse Hashimoto's & Autoimmunity Without Banking On The Outlier Patients

The 3 Part Treatment Codex that creates consistent, predictable and measurable results in your most complex autoimmune patients.

  • The 3 Most Important hormones that dictate autoimmunity.
  • Why Functional Medicine's approach to the thyroid is wrong.
  • Why toxicity is NOT the root cause with autoimmune disease.
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