The Plug-N-Play Practice Model That Solve Challenging Patient Problems While Removing Your Self From Clinic Hours


How Does It

First, we install the care framework that helps you treat the person, and not chase treating the disease. We do this through our core philosophy focuses on the root cause of disease. We call it Energetic Debt. Then we build your practice's strategic and tactical components, around treatment, diagnostics, and communications. Using Energetic Debt as our care model, we resonate with the patient and connect with them so they are on the same page with understanding and compliance.


How Is Beyond Functional Medicine Different?

Most functional medicine operates from the model of running a bunch of testing, prescribing
supplements, and dietary changes for the patients to implement and then monitor. Strange, functional medicine is still so new, but that model is outdated to get the best results. Including those lifestyle changes with advances in diagnostic and treatment technology allows us to target specifically where the body is stuck and supercharge the patient's healing. The body still heals, the technology just facilitates that process much faster.


What Results
Should I Expect?

Within a 60-90 day period, you will be able to implement the fundamentals and start helping patients with these more challenging cases, all while producing better and predictable results for the patient - without sacrificing your practice.

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