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Healing people comes from studying each individual body and listening to what it’s telling us, not masking symptoms with medication.

Finding ways to expand your practice can be time consuming and it doesn’t always end in success. That’s where we come in. We’re a Functional Medicine Team with over 30 years of experience and proven results. Arming you with the information to get your patients the results they need and you the success you deserve.

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Meet the Founder

Dr. Robert DeMartino, DC

Dr. DeMartino’s story began when he was in middle school. For 6 years he suffered from debilitating migraines. Medications couldn’t curb the pain and the doctors he saw couldn’t find the root of the problem. Then one day he visited a chiropractor for a sports injury. His life was forever changed. Not only was his sports injury gone but so were his migraines.

Dr. DeMartino was inspired from this ‘cure’. He took on the chiropractor as his mentor and set out to help others like himself, those who also suffer from chronic pain and missing out on the life and experiences they deserve. But on his journey he found much more. He found that not only are people living with pain, but they’re living with the effects of drugs and surgeries that haven’t, and will never, solve their problems. He vowed to help them.

And he did.

Graduating from Palmer, Iowa in 2005 as a Doctor of Chiropractic. Dr. DeMartino has dedicated his career to the practice of healing people by using new technologies and finding the cause of the problems, rather than medicating the symptoms. And he has become the only doctor in Nevada who implements his training in quantum neurology. A collection of techniques to evaluate and restore every major nerve in the body, thus allowing the body to better heal itself.

Here are a few ways Dr. DeMartino shows his dedication:
  • Chiropractic Physicians Board Of Nevada (2005)
  • Quantum Neurology Certified Practitioner (2011)
  • Quantum Neurology Doctor of the Year in 2016
  • Nationwide trainer for Functional Medicine Procedures
  • Health Advisor for Whole Foods Henderson and Sun City MacDonald Ranch
  • Volunteer for The Foundation for Wellness Professionals and Well Rounded Momma
  • Master Trainer for the Neurological Relief Centers (2010)
  • Scientific Advisory Board member for Pulsed Harmonix

Results Oriented

We want to position you to get the best possible results for your patients first and foremost, always and forever. The big goal here is to change healthcare by changing the expectation of results that patients get with some more complicated style problems. The way that we do that is to bring the best and newest science- not the same stuff reproduced a different way with a new fancy bow on it… But real research backed science that is underutilized when it comes to the application of advanced healthcare.


Full-Stack Knowledge

We will give you the high level science behind the most common health concerns, but then also give you the communication strategies to explain why your patients are struggling with health issues and how you are uniquely suited to help them as an expert. Not only does it make all the difference in the length of the conversations that you have with a patient, but it leaves your patient with a greater understanding of their problem and the path that they need to go on in order to get resolution.



You will probably be surprised how much research is actually out there backing our concepts on the formation of disease - you just typically aren’t told about it because it doesn’t fit in the traditional treatment model of functional medicine. If you can take this research and create actionable things to solve these issues, the game of getting people better gets a lot more straight forward.


Cutting-Edge Tech

Frankly, I hate the term cutting edge.  Because it has become overused and in front of things that I would not consider cutting edge.  The painful truth is that most functional medicine could have been practiced the exact same say if it was the early 2000s, vs today.  While technology plays a role in a lot of the issues we experience today, it is also logical that if so many other problems are solved with the use of technology, why would the proper use of it in healthcare be any different? Putting the right tech in your office allows you a unique solution that provides above and beyond solutions.


Removing Complexity

One of the biggest problems I ran into was the more I got into functional medicine, the more complicated my practice became to run.  The purpose of installing all of the science based concepts first, then testing and treatment systems is that is allows you to simplify things… not make it more complicated.  Streamlined processes for you and your staff lead to easy implementation and faster results.



Do you feel like your entire practice stops when you do?  I know I sure did.  But the blessing in disguise was that discomfort forced me to create a non-go based practice where my staff could be involved in helping me get results for patients- without it all being dependent on my time.  It is how our doctors can mold these programs into the practice that they want: High volume, low volume, more hands on, less hands on, staff driven etc.  You just need the right tools in order to get you what you want.

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